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Class 11th & 12th Foundation

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Kislay commerce classes are offering to you. Best Tutorials for class 11th & 12th commerce foundation in Allahabad.

This course is designed for the students who are enrolled in 11th and 12th Commerce. This course shall build a strong foundation of fundamentals of Commerce with a logical problem-solving approach and winning attitude that is essential to get success in CA/CSEET/CMA with 11th and 12th. The 11th and 12th foundations will provide more practice with the widest possible coverage of theory and practical problems in a highly competitive environment with personal attention given to students by the best faculties. we are here because we are one of the Best coachings for class 11 in Allahabad

If the students will start their CA/CSEET/CMA preparation with 11th and 12th Commerce (after passing class 10th) at the initial stage, then they will get success in CA/CSEET/CMA examination at minimum time.

Class 11th & 12th Foundation

  • Duration - 1 & 2 Years
  • Examination - Annually

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Best coaching for class 11 
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